10 most picturesque villages & towns on the Greek islands for 2021


Oia villageSantorini

Oia is by far the most well-known village in Santorini, perfectly dotting the top of the volcanic caldera with its cubic, whitewashed buildings. Effortlessly flaunts the praised Santorinian sunset, its well-preserved architecture, luxurious lodgings and Michelin-star caliber restaurants. 

Chora of Folegandros

The main town of Folegandros island is situated atop the mountainous plateau, at a 200 meter altitude. It is easily one of the most authentic Cycladic settlements, offering a romantic nostalgia in every square and alley alike. A bright, whitewashed village full of colorful details, uplifting flowers and one-of-a-kind boutiques, Chora is a must-visit of the island.


Town of Rhodes

Rhodes Town is the queen of Dodecanese settlements, once as an island’s capital and secondly as the region’s. Immersed in elegance, history and pristinely-maintained medieval structures, Rhodes Town is ever vibrant and cosmopolitan. It combines centuries of traditions, folklore heritage and Mediterranean charm, unlike any other place.

Chora Town of Mykonos

Mykonos is a super busy island of Greece every summer, with thousands of tourists strolling, staying and partying at Chora as well. The town is very charming, energizing yet playful, with its whitewashed cubic architecture and ultra-bright colored details. Dozens of fantastic boutiques, taverns and cafes complete its hospitable vibe, while clubs and luxurious lodgings add an upscale tone. With many things to explore, enjoy and savor, Mykonos Town does not disappoint.


Town of Corfu

As the island’s capital town, Corfu Town is more populous than any other Ionian town. It flaunts exquisite mixtures of historical and architectural heritage and culture. From Venetian castles to French garden architecture, the elegance and charm of the town is astonishing. Delicious restaurants and lovely cafes along the promenade enhance any traveller’s experience. 

Chora of Patmos

Chora is the main town of Patmos, with an elegant and unpretentious character that captivates travellers. The settlement is built around the imposing monastery of Saint John the Theologian, dating back to the 12th century D.C. . Patmos is reputed for its religious aspect and Chora is adorned with Orthodox monasteries, castles, schools and churches that deserve in everyone’s travelling itinerary. 



Built inside a verdant area, Pyrgos is one of the largest settlements in Tinos, with important cultural heritage to account for. It is inspiringly adorned with white marble in buildings and squares, along with its whitewashed structures. Birthplace of many Greek sculptors, Pyrgos hosts a museum to honor them, along with many wood carving workshops and a Fine Arts School operating.

Chania TownCrete

Chania is an unmatched town when architecture, history, entertainment and hospitality are discussed. Rich in Venetian heritage and landmarks, along with some Ottoman influences, Chania are irresistible, captivating visitors with a nostalgic, yet romantic charm. The Venetian port in the old town, the 16th century Lighthouse and the ‘Firkas’ fortress are among the top landmarks of Chania. The vivid nightlife and top-quality restaurants, bakeries, cafes and boutiques complete one’s stay.


Kastro of Sifnos

A charming medieval settlement only a few kilometers from Apollonia village, Kastro (meaning castle) welcomes its visitors annually. Built on top of the ancient capital of Sifnos, it is a gem of Cycladic minimalism to this day. Venetian parts, architectural attributes and decorations can be found on most structures. Flaunting a stunning little Orthodox chapel atop a humongous sea rock, a small archaeological museum, wonderful lodging facilities and traditional taverns, Kastro offers a peaceful summer getaway.


Former capital of Paros in the medieval era, Lefkes is by far the most authentic settlement in Paros. Counting approximately 500 inhabitants, it remains true to its Cycladic identity, away from mass tourism. The well-cared for paved alleys, snow-white houses and verdant gardens are as pretty as a fairytale. Savor the traditional cafe, folk art museum and peaceful Orthodox churches for a memorable visit.